Qi-gong movements takes a tremendous workload off the heart by turning the diaphragm, chest cavity abdominal cavity and hip rotation into a ‘second heart’ to support circulation, thereby preventing exhaustion of the heart. The deep diaphragmatic breathing, the rotation of the torso and the extension and withdrawal of the limbs gives a powerful boost to the circulation of blood throughout the body by alternately compressing and releasing pressures in the abdominal and chest cavities.  This practice triples the oxygen level in the blood stream and balances blood pressure throughout the circulatory system, thereby reducing blood pressure.


Twenty-five to thirty minutes of energetic dance followed by the flowing, rhythmic movements of qi-gong practice will help to burn fat, tone the muscles. Improve circulation and safely reduce the pulse. This effect has been known to last throughout the day.


Abdominal breathing can be practiced throughout the day serving as a highly effective massage of the abdominal organs improving peristaltic, digestive and elimination functions and acts as a natural preventative against heart disease which helps to prolong the lifespan.


 The qi- gong classes that are taught by the Vero Beach Qi-gong Society instructors are suitable for all: the young, the not so young, the physically fit and the physically challenged. The exercises can be practiced sitting, standing, walking, or lying down using progressive resistance or freestyle.



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