I have been training and practicing the mind /body healing arts for over 30 years. I originally started doing these arts because as a child I suffered from asthma. I enrolled at a local Chinese Martial and Healing Arts School in New York. I have since studied Chinese, Japanese, West African & Brazilian Martial and Healing Methods over the next 30 years. I am the founder The Vero Beach Qi-gong Society and the Cloudwalker mind/body healing system a synthesis of my 3 decades of practice an offered as an accessible method of practice which allows the general public to enjoy the healing opportunities available in a multi –modal approach during each session of practice. I have taught these methods to different populations; among them at risk Children, Immune challenged Oncology patients, the Chemically dependent in prison programs, Parkinson and Alzheimer patients, recovering heart patients and seniors for better balance, Hospice house staff in Vero beach, Florida to name a few .I am honored and humbled to have trained with great instructors among them Grandmaster Alan Lee's Chinese Kung Fu Wu-Su association under Master Harry Kastel, Hanshi William Wendell in Japanese Goju-karate, Master Ulysses Demetrious ”Pop" Winn in American Karate, Grandmaster Frank Ruiz Nisei federation of martial arts. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Dr. Bernard Shannon, Dr. Lisa Van Ostrand, Master Lisa B. O’Shay and the great Isabell Gatto. I was nominated by the Palm Beach County Black Police Officers Association for Citizen of the year, and featured on 1998, Monday cover of the Palm Beach Post and on News Channel 5 due to his work with inner city children at the Whole Body youth program; a ten year program blending academics and martial arts resulting in eleven state champions between 1992 and 1996. The divisions ranged from age 6 to 16 years old and a corresponded with improvements in S.A.T. scores for 9 of the 11 older adolescents involve with the program. He is the 1992 Florida all stars fighting champion, held at Miami- Dade College and the 1993 fighting and forms winner at the West Palm Beach Battle of champions. . Instruction is offered in Japanese Go-Ju, Karate-do, Tam Tui Chuan Gung Fu, Bagua Zhang martial arts, medical & martial arts Qi Gong, as well as other energy body mind exercises systems from South America and Eastern Africa.

S T A T E M E N T   O F   I N T E N T

My intention is to see these healing arts incorporated and entrenched in all social, medical, corporate, and educational, institutions in our culture. As the former member of the Board of Directors and chairman of the outreach committee for the National Qi-gong Association, I have continued the NQA goals of connecting to national and local organizations that affect mainstream American culture. We now have, and should continue to have working partnerships with institutions like the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Arthritis Foundation, Alzheimer- Parkinson Association and Mesothelioma center to extol the benefits of incorporating the practice of one or more of the 7000 plus arts that make up the Martial art and Qi-gong family. I believe that organizations such as the Vero Beach Qi-gong society, The Cloudwalker Dojo and the National Qi-gong Association will be and should be at the forefront of providing practical information and guidance to the public. Information that is rooted in scientific fact that these arts can grow in the American consciousness and offer their health-enhancing fruit of knowledge to the curious who need to know how these arts affect their mental, emotional and physical health.


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