Mary Ellen Mullins lives in Connecticut and has been teaching Yoga for over 12 years. She was introduced to Qi Gong while traveling to Vero Beach visiting family. The positive energy was instantaneous and she knew she needed to learn more to share with her students as well as incorporating the ancient art form into her own practice. In March of 2012 she traveled back to Vero Beach to study Chi-Gong under her mentor John Walcott. After completing her Level 1 training she is excited to introduce and share her love of Qi-Gong with her students. Mary Ellen’s gentle and balanced approach to teaching incorporates breath work, stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxing. Mary Ellen’s philosophy is whether seated in a chair or standing, incorporating Qi-Gong into your daily life will strengthen the core muscles that initiate every breath, enhance the immune system, slow the aging process and help rid toxins from the body. She encourages exploration of movement with acceptance and gratitude for what the body can do. Her style of teaching is welcoming, friendly as well as inspiring.

Mary Ellen is grateful for a loving family and a healthy body and mind. She loves the outdoors particularly hiking, swimming, kayaking and cycling. She is interested in nutrition, ayurvedic healthy habits, reading, cooking and gardening. What inspires you?

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