I have a background in the mental health field, working with children, adolescents, and families in a community mental health setting. I worked for the Mental Health Association in Pittsburgh, PA as an advocate for adults with mental illness. I later helped women in early recovery at a homeless shelter and in a residential setting.

I have always been interested in Alternative Modalities of healing: yoga, tai chi, and sound therapies, such as chanting and Chinese healing sound therapy. I recently trained as a Deeksha Blessing Giver through Oneness University in India.

After having suffered a debilitating nerve injury five years ago, I tried various healing modalities, one of which was qi-gong, and regained a great deal of my health and well being. I studied the Cloudwalker Mind Body Health Enhancing System, becoming certified as a Level II qi-gong instructor and a Level I Healing Practitioner of Chinese medicine. I now teach qi-gong classes at the Cloudwalker Place and other settings in the local area.

I can be reached at jkreizman@yahoo.com.

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