(Chi-kung healing touch/medical qi-gong)

Physical illness can be the result of long-standing emotional suppression. Current body, mind and spirit paradigms recognize the inherent connection between these realms of experience. Body, Mind and Spirit can be separated only in theory, for in experience they are different dimensions of the same human consciousness. Traditional Chinese Medical Qi-gong Therapy teaches that we keep old memories or concentrations of “old emotions” suppressed in our body/mind system ; old grief , sadness, depression, indecisiveness and shame in the lungs, past anxiety , impatience , cruelty in the heart , old fears and confusion in the kidneys, old worries, obsessive thoughts in the spleen and old anger or frustration in the liver. Healthy cells in the body vibrate at a particular resonance and in some cases these old toxic emotions are stored in the cavities around the various organs and if left to themselves these emotions over time gradually solidify and poison the body/mind systems and create various chronic health challenges such as auto-immune disorders, Fibromyalgia-Chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines-headaches insomnia , acid reflux-indigestion-gastrointestinal disorders .reproductive-fertility and early cancers.

Qigong therapists work to resolve obstructions caused by toxic emotions. Through various purging methods and accessing the body’s drainage points to remove blockages, tonification therapy to strengthen depleted organs and finally a balancing of the body’s energy fields to restore resonance to prevent the creative mind from re-forming the dis-ease . With Qi-gong therapy the now revitalized organs will re-learn to resonate their natural emotions ; order, compassion, a true sense of “self, community and joy in the heart , benevolence , kindness and positive aggression(decisiveness) in the liver, righteousness and clarity from the lungs ,comprehension , trust, faith and the ability to “ follow through ‘ comes from our spleen and courage and gentleness from the kidneys . The restoration of the vibrational frequency of healthy cells has returned the body.


For more information or to schedule private sessions call the Vero beach Qi-gong Society (772) 453-6449 or e-mail johnthecloudwalker@gmail.com. Sessions are $150.00 and are 90 minutes in duration including consultation. There is a sliding scale available if needed


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