Circle Walking with Qi-gong

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the life force energy, or qi, is everywhere and in everything. It is in the foods we put in our bodies (the fresher the better) and the relationships we cultivate whether good and bad. You feel it most when you are in nature enjoying your favorite lake, forests, mountains, or even by the ocean. It is far more than just oxygen that you are feeling and your body intuitively knows this. It flows in the body in canals called meridians. According to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this flow of your life force energy is as important as blood circulation and this flow is usually compromised before health challenges (disease) manifest in the physical body.

There are literally thousands of ways to stimulate this life force energy flow; an acupuncturist needles can stimulate this flow as does yoga, meditation, visualization, prayer, qi-gong and other energy enhancing practices.

Circle walk qi-gong is from the internal art of Ba-gua zhang (a sister art of Tai-chi chuan). The circle walk meditations and qi-gong forms are of Taoist origins and history credit's the chuan Zhen or complete truth sect of Taoism with its practice. The movements are done while walking a circle coupled with breathing exercise and visualizations to stimulate the flow of life force energy throughout the entire meridian system. Toning and sedating the related organ systems in the proper sequence to match the natural timeline followed by the life force entering the body.

Each body Mudra or posture corresponds to a time of the day, specific body parts, internal organs and one or more acupuncture meridian channels. An "acupuncture without needles" treatment can be obtained through the manipulation of the organs by physical posture and mental visualizations.

In the higher levels of this healing art, a practitioner trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, can design a therapeutic qi-gong form or prescription to aid in the healing of a specific illness or health challenge. Without training from a certified qigong instructor, one could direct life force energy to the wrong organ system and increase the severity of an illness and compromised ones health or that of a loved one or student. However, one can learn to maintain proper functioning of the organ and organ systems to enjoy optimal health.

This is an intermediate level class Please call (772) 453-6449 for times and locations.


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