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The Cloudwalker Mind-Body Healing System

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Course Overview:
The course is aimed toward those with a desire to learn, to teach and train the Qi-Gong arts and related Mind/Body energy exercises. The Cloudwalker Mind/Body Healing System Instructor Training course is given two times a year; beginning in February and September. Duration of the course is eight (8) weeks and includes: 28-class hours, 16-home study hours with an addition 66 hours allotted to reading list and additional videos. This course exceeds the requirements of the National Qi-Gong Association.

You will learn:

  1. Self-Applied Health Enhancing Methods (S.A.H.E.M.)
  2. Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Energetic Therapy.
  3. Application of TCM on the body’s eight systems.
  4. 9 styles of Qi-gong and the principles governing them.
  1. Basic Chinese Medical theory.
  2. Meditations and mental exercises with visualizations for energetic grounding and protection.
  3. 5 Yin Organ Qi-Gong to benefit Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Kidneys and Liver. 5 Yang Organ Qi-Gong to benefit Stomach, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Urinary Bladder and Gall Bladder.
  4. T’ai Chi Standard short for 24 movements for health, balance and power.
  5. 12 Silk Weaving Qi_gong system for organ massage and detoxification.
  6. Vibratory Qi-gong for lymphatic system stimulation.
  7. 12 Movement Riverwalk F\Gong forms.
  8. Basic Healing Sounds and related organ systems for purging emotional toxicity
  9. 3 Levels and 3 Basic types of Breathing skills.
  1. Level One Breathing requires an exaggerated approach to facilitate a progressing awareness of the proper bio-mechanics of breathing.
  2. Level two Breathing requires an aggressive stimulation of the olfactory nerves and an emphasis on the exhale as a purging breath.
  3. Level three Breathing increases the nourishing aspect of the breath on the 5 Yin organs (Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver).

The student is trained to apply techniques in order to teach general health classes, as well as comprehensive, specialty classes for health-challenged populations.These Arts empower us to live full, happy,healthy lives; to live as an example of vitality and longevity, allowing us to transfer these gifts to others.

The course utilizes many of the ancient health modalities currently linked with new scientific information, demystifying esoteric aspects of  these disciplines for the Western public.Upon completion of the course, the student will be certified to teach The Cloudwalker Mind/Body Healing System, bringing clarity and sharing health-enhancing techniques with their communities.

Course Outline:

Week One:

  1. Modern history of Qi-Gong
  2. Types of Qi-Gong
  3. Styles of Qi-Gong
  4. Differences between T’ai Chi Chuan and Qi-Gon

Week Two:

  1. Numbers One through Four of “One through Ten Meditation*”.
  2. Purging and Dredging
  3. Introduction to Ba Duan Gin or “8 Pieces of Brocade”.
  4. Introduction to Healing Sounds with contraindications.

Week Three:

  1. Toxic Emotions and their related organs
  2. 6 Basic Healing Sounds, colors and related organs.
  3. Practice of Sound Therapy for emotional detoxing.
  4. “Divine Hook-Up”

Week Four:

  1. Weaving together weeks one through three.
  2. Energetic Grounding and protecting
  3. Numbers one through six of “One through Ten Meditation*”.
  4. 5 Yin/ \5 Yang Organs therapies.

Week Five:

  1. Healing Sounds with related organ exercises for emotional purging.
  2. Student sharing of emotional sensations and indications/contraindications.
  3. “Raising Up the Earth and Pulling Down the Heavens” and “Divine Hook-Up”
  4. Practice of Instructor series: Silk Weaving (“8 Pieces of Brocade”)

Week Six:

  1. Daoist 5 Yin Organ exercises
  2. Daoist 5 Yang Organ exercises
  3. “6 Healing Sounds’ meditation
  4. 36 to 1 countdown breathing

Week Seven:

  1. “One through Ten Meditation”*
  2. Golden Ball exercise
  3. 8 actions of the Qi during Golden Ball
  4. Silk Weaving
  5. 5 Yin/5 Yang with Sound Therapy

Week Eight:

  1. “The Old Man and the Tidal Pool” exercise purging toxic emotions.
  2. Ren Wu Zang meditation for prevention of invasion of external pathogens.
  3. Sun/Moon Hands Meditation
  4. Certification exam

* The “One through Ten Meditation” is used to prepare for Qi-Gong practice. It allows one to relax, sink and root the mind. The meditation allows extension of the energetic field before connecting with the Divine of Higher Power.It is also used to create a Sacred healing space and is taught in a rhyming one through ten counting format.

Course Materials:
Course materials will be available each week in .pdf format.

$1415 includes course materials listed above. Up to four (4) additional classes will be added at no additional charge for special circumstances. Each additional class will be charged at a rate of $120 per session.

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