Cloudwalker Martial Arts Training:
Japanese Goju Karate -Tam Style_ Bagua Zhang

Self defense and Self Healing Classes

Instruction available in Northern Shaolin boxing sub style of Tam Tui style kung–fu for the long lean body type (ectomorphic) or Japanese Go-ju ryu karate for the endomorph and mesomorph body type. These are suggestive training programs; ultimately we “forge our bodies in the fire of our wills”, and therefore one can study any style of interest as long as one is prepared to commit to the demands of a specific training program.

This class is for children and Adults ages 11 years and older. Learn important self - defense skills .Improve your strength and endurance for other sports.Increase your concentration for academic work.

  • Space is limited classes are kept small to facilitate learning .
  • Movements for enhancing the function of the lymphatic pumps and mobilizing the fluid in the lymphatic system -a big part of your child's immune system.
  • Movements to increase blood oxygen levels and indirectly massage the internal organs.
  • Enhance your immune system and build self-confidence.
Fighting Dance:

This is a high energy fat burner, a Cardio-vascular blast. Blending the best of three worlds the dance like, rhythmic movements of Brazilian dance movements and the muscle toning properties involving the execution of martial arts techniques and finally the anti-oxidation and mind centering practices of moving Qi- Gong exercises.

Three styles of Qi-gong exercises will be taught; fighting dance Qi-gong for strengthening and toning muscles, increasing cardio- vascular fitness, burning fat, and loosening and limbering the joints and ligaments Vibratory Qi-gong for detoxing the body's cells and massaging the internal organs and the enhancing the immune system . These self applied healing techniques should be added to everyone's daily routine. The deep breathing and easy stretching movements are a meditative practice with the benefits of yoga and aerobic exercise due to the stretching and increase in oxygen uptake. Achieve optimal health in addition to boosting your immune system, relieves your asthma, insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, stress, pain, enhanced sports performance .The flexibility of the body's moving parts are increased and strengthened. The internal organs and glands are stimulated with deep therapeutic massage provided by the contraction and expansion of the diaphragm. At the same time, the blood and inter-cellular fluids are oxygenated and alkalized rather than carbonated and acidified. The endocrine system is balanced rather than excessively flooded with adrenaline and the nervous system is relaxed instead of overworked

Little immortals Program - Qi-gong for Children

The class curriculum will involves History, Philosophy, and Technique, which includes exercises for training bone, muscle, breathing and concentration.

The relationship between traditional American sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, surfing, playing chess etc.), and traditional martial arts training will be emphasized. The Mind/Body Arts will be taught as a complimentary modality to these American sports. The erroneous portrayal of mind/body arts such as the martial arts in modern media, (movies, TV, videos), will be challenged head on. An example being the fictitious and infamous "karate yell" does not exist anywhere in Martial Arts training. It is a corruption of an ancient healing art Ki-jutsu involving sound to affect the body, (such as sighing can soothe the nervous system or create a /relaxation healing response in the body). These classes will enhance academic skills such as retention, recitation, recollection using the aid of such exercises as "Story Time" and the "5 Animal Frolic". Increase awareness of natural health nutrition with regards to respiratory efficiency, immune system enhancement and physical coordination. Although the character building benefits of Mind/body arts training are well document, it will be good for us to mention the exercises of virtue training, (honesty, sincerity, patience and courtesy. Again we use "Story Time" and most important of all the use of quiet standing/sitting. To sit still and quiet the mind can be taught in a fun and informative way so that children can find it liberating and not restricting.

Instruction will include:

5 animal frolics
Tree exercises for Mind/body regeneration.
"Story Time".
Di wu zang nature exercises.
Quiet Standing/sitting with visualizations for children
The N'golo or Zebra dance for activating the vital fluid pumps of the body.

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Tuesdays & Thursdays: Children 6:00-7:30 pm ($60/mo.), Adults 8:00-9:00pm ($70/mo.)

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