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It is our mission to educate people in Self Applied Health Enhancing Methods (S.A.H.E.M.).  These arts empower you to live a full, happy and healthy life.  We utilize many of the Ancient Healing Modalities, along with new scientific information. It is our desire to offer products and services that will create a better place for the person as a whole in mind , body and spirit.  Where you cultivate an attitude of feeling good, young and vibrant.  This type of attitude can help create a world in which we are conscious of the effects of our actions on others, ourselves and our planet. When you improve the person you improve everything else a hundred fold.   The best and most effective way to create change is by beginning with ourselves .


What is the Cloudwalker mind/body exercise System?

Our physical body does not require "pain for gain" exercises which encourage our fright or flight response and compress the muscles, tighten tendons, stiffen joints and acidify the blood and tissues with excess lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste. After age 30 this type of exercises gradually becomes more harmful.

The core group of exercises from the cloud walker mind/body exercise system, in contrast, involves stretching and toning the muscles and tendons, using slow, gentle, harmonized movements which loosen and limber the joints and ligaments. The flexibility of the body’s moving parts are increased and strengthened. The internal organs and glands are stimulated with the deep therapeutic massage provided by the contraction and expansion of the diaphragm.

At the same time, the blood and intercellular fluids are oxygenated and alkalized rather than carbonated and acidified, the endocrine system is balanced rather than excessively flooded with adrenaline and the nervous system is relaxed instead of overworked. A conscious effort to feel the sensations generated by the various exercises helps to establish a "mental link". This increases the highly prized skill of body awareness, improving body coordination and mental agility. Internal and external strength grows from these basic seeds.



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